World, meet Kaden Reed


You are about to see one of the cutest families to grace Florida. Kayla and Kevin welcomed sweet little Kaden a few weeks ago, and let’s say Jazzy is warming up to the idea of sharing her mom’s attention. Make sure to check out a special appearance by Kayla’s incredible mother who came to help out for a few weeks.

Some love bugs graced this session, and I am not just talking about our little on camera stars. It just so happens the real live love bugs are super prevalent in just one week out of the entire year! Can you guess what week that was? Yeah, it was this week and Kaden earned his honorary title of love bug for putting up with those things during his session.

Kaden was born with his mother’s ability to model for the camera, but that doesn’t mean that Jazzy didn’t have anything to teach him. This sweet girl knew how to find her light and Kaden is clearly taking notes. I can’t wait to see this little love bug keep improving his on camera presence, because I know his childhood will be well documented by his very proud parents.