The Bickhart Family


What a day! It was hot, and it was sweaty but we managed to get some amazing family portrait shots! Shout out to the grandparents who knew how to keep Emma smiling and laughing! The only way it could have been better was if Elmo himself was there. We even managed to get the grandparents smiling using some of the same tactics we used to make Emma look up and smile. We managed to just beat the rain by about 15 minutes, which provided a great little relief of the sun near the end. 

Emma has just turned 2 and I am loving her spunky personality. "No no no" seems to be her catch phrase. Although Laura said when I left she did say "uh oh where did Emma's friend go?". And I am very glad "where is the Kerry" worked so well too! I am THE Kerry! So I am glad I made a new friend. Emma has a promising career somewhere with the outdoors. She LOVED the geese and spiders, the grass and glowers and the rocks. Note to self, next time bring either puppies, geese, or Elmo.