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Miri and Family

Just look at those CHEEKS. Never have I wanted to pinch such cute little cheeks before. Miri has this incredible gaze that feels as if she is looking into your soul. Her smile is contagious — I double dog dare you to not smile when this little girl is laughing or smiling. Miri is quite advanced for her young age. She has already made friends with the cat, which anyone knows is no simple task. I can tell she is going to be an adventurer, a thrill-seeker, as is evidence by the barrels of laughter she lets out when her dad holds her upside down or throws her high up in the air.

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Rachael + Zach engagement session

I am thrilled that Rachael and Zach were up for an adventure, because their engagement session was a whole lot of fun. These architecture buffs were ecstatic to see the gorgeous views that the mansion at Ridley Creek State Park had to offer. Yes it was a bit of a drive, but it was absolutely worth it! AND they brought their pup, Luna, who plans to make an appearance at her parent's wedding next year.

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The wedding of Ian + Alexis

Mother Nature gifted Ian and Alexis with gorgeous weather that lasted just long enough for their wedding. The sun was shining and these two had a great looking wedding party if I do say so myself. I felt my own eyes get teary when Alexis gave her vows to her soon to be step-son. Those same tears creeped up again when her new son gave a toast and they shared in their very own dance. The night capped off with what arguably everyone comes to see at a wedding: the bride throw some cake in her husbands face.  

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