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Melissa and Michael are engaged!

Melissa and Michael make a pretty cute couple don’t they? It is often awkward being in front of the camera and showing off some pda, but these two couldn’t keep their hands off each other from the very beginning! Not only were they ready for this session, but they were willing to do whatever goofy thing I made them do, like skip or give piggy back rides. The entire session was full of laughter, from all three of us if I am being completely honest. I can’t wait to see these contagious smiles again at their upcoming wedding.

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Grace and Nik

Grace, Nik and I ventured to Wissahickon Valley Park for their engagement session, specifically to an area called Devil’s Pool. It was all of our first time there and I think we were pleasantly surprised to find such a gem of a location so close to home. I foresee a lot more visits to this incredible place and definitely a lot more exploration of the entire park.

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Robyn and Nate

How quickly the leaves change and then fall off! We went to Ridley Creek State Park for their engagement session to compete with the other 10 groups who also had planned photo sessions at the location. Yes - it’s normally that busy. I can’t complain though, because we got some amazing colors and managed to get the place to ourselves for the most part. They were how I like all my couples — dedicated and willing to try anything for the photo — and it paid off!

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