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Susan and Wes: A Floral, Romantic Engagement Session at the Morris Arboretum

Well the three of us had a fantastic time strolling the grounds of the Morris Arboretum, a place all of us had apparently been looking forward to seeing for quite some time. Susan and Wes dressed up for the occasion and boy did they pick the right colors for this mostly green landscape. And goodness, they are rockstars to say the least. Not pictured are the hundreds of bugs that were eating all of us at any given moment, but you couldn’t tell right? That’s because they are pros despite never having done this before. Go ahead, check these lovebirds out.

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Liz + Dan

I personally find engagement sessions really helpful, but mostly to help prepare the photographer AND the couple for their wedding day. I learned a lot about this couple in the few hours I had with them and I am sure they learned a lot about me too. Not to mention, they are now pros at being in front of the camera and they got to see which poses they liked!

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