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The wedding of Mara and derek - Las Cruces, NM

The Land of Enchantment graced us all with beautiful rich tones and a few little surprises for these two adventure-seekers. Last year, I met a talented artist and storyteller while photographing UPenn’s graduation. Derek and I hit it off immediately and I was shocked and honored that he asked me to photograph his upcoming wedding just a few months later after covering a few events together. Yes, it is a huge compliment for anyone to ask you to photograph something for them, but Derek is an amazing photographer himself, so for him and his family to want to fly me out to New Mexico for their day made me extremely grateful to have this incredible job that just so happens to double as my passion. This was no ordinary wedding, it had all of my favorite things — a dog, a baby and a National Park (and of course Mara and Derek).

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Kelly + Ian engagement

Kelly is my dear friend from Penn State and I was thrilled to hear that she was engaged. First off, I want to explain my relationship with Kelly. Kelly and I met in RAM, a hip hop dance group at Penn State and somehow found out that we were both economics majors and were even in some of the same classes. We spent a lot of time together both in and outside of the classroom. I am so happy that Kelly is moving back to the U.S so that I can go on more adventures with her! 

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