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The Wedding of Cait and Joe: A Classy Winter Wedding

You know that amazing feeling you get when something that has been a long time coming finally happens? Well, that’s how I imagine the friends and family felt at Cait and Joe’s wedding. They had been dating for the better part of a decade when they finally tied the knot in a gorgeous winter wedding at The Red Clay Room in Kennett Square, PA.

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The Wedding of Nicole and Brandon

These two are more fun than any words I could possibly put together could describe. I personally had a great time, and I sure hope they did too. I’ve said this before and I will never stop saying it, I love dog people, and I LOVE when they want to include them in their photos. Of course we had to include the pup, who was very motivated by his toy. Somehow I have become very practiced in photographing with one hand while the other hand is holding something else, despite my camera being so heavy. The dogs have trained me well!

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