Kelly + Ian engagement


Kelly is my dear friend from Penn State and I was thrilled to hear that she was engaged. First off, I want to explain my relationship with Kelly. Kelly and I met in RAM, a hip hop dance group at Penn State and somehow found out that we were both economics majors and were even in some of the same classes. We spent a lot of time together both in and outside of the classroom. I am so happy that Kelly is moving back to the U.S so that I can go on more adventures with her! 

Now on to Kelly and Ian's relationship. Their relationship is a very geographically interesting one to say the least. She and Ian met in South Korea where their relationship began and they managed to make a long-distance relationship look easy while Kelly was working in Mexico and Ian was in Virginia for grad school. I was not surprised to hear that Kelly made the first move when they first met. Her line? "Did you go to Penn State?". Look at that, Penn State always bringing people together ;)

They both are incredibly hard workers and such loving people. I can't wait to see what they achieve as husband and wife! Cheers to the happy couple!