Grace and Nik


Grace, Nik and I ventured to Wissahickon Valley Park for their engagement session, specifically to an area called Devil’s Pool. It was all of our first time there and I think we were pleasantly surprised to find such a gem of a location so close to home. I foresee a lot more visits to this incredible place and definitely a lot more exploration of the entire park.

But enough about the location, let’s talk about the sweetest cat-loving couple a photographer can hope to have in front of her camera. These two go way back, to high school, but reconnected after college and are clearly meant to be. Their wedding will be the highlight for a lot of their friends and family, and it is approaching quickly! Being in front of the camera can be awkward, but luckily these two made each other laugh despite the sweat and the bug infested areas we climbed through to get these photos. If I needed them to smile, I know I could just have them look at each other and their faces would light up. That is love right there people! Find someone who looks at you the way either of these two look at each other, or Nik looks at either of his cats, and you are golden.