Emily + Josh


When I heard my friend and very first model from high school was getting married, I knew I just had to jump on taking their photos. We just KNEW that Saturday was perfect. We proceeded ahead with our plan for the session despite the torrential thunderstorms the normally never correct weather app was telling us. At first it seemed like we picked the wrong day to not believe the weather forecast. As soon as we hit our first location, we saw very dark clouds, some lightening, and the line of rain approaching. But Emily and Josh assured me that this is indeed how they tend to do things, so it was fitting. We snapped a few storm pics and sprinted for the car for shelter, although we still got a bit drenched. Hail the size of pennies was falling from the sky in the middle of July. We headed to a place where we might be able to photograph inside, but it only took minutes for the crazy storm to pass us by. We quickly turned back around, determined to use the gorgeous space. It was a day full of woods, bugs, plants and horses, with a special appearance by Norman the cat. He decided he likes his photo taken as well. Can you see the love between these two?